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B-onfire is a facilitation agency supporting organizations in

  1. Brand-, Identity- & Culture work/Change
  2. Transformative Leadership 
  3. Community building & People engagement through 

Narrative Strategybuilding, Group Facilitation, Individual Coaching, Storytelling Trainings

B-onfire was founded in 2012 by Steph Kata Bachmair: 'My personal vision for this brand was to create warm spaces where people connect to their vision and inner passion ... and from this place of self-connection, open up to each other, to connect and co-create new narratives with their surrounding.'

Steph Katha Bachmair

Our Portfolio

Brand Retreat

Re-authoring Brands from inside out

A brand can be much more than a name or a symbol; it can be a whole experience. This experience gets strong and convincing when it is connected to the organizational myth. Explore the myth and work on the brand core story as a team. Taking the treasure of the past to walk in the best possible future

Formate: 1,5- 2 days workshop 

Conflict Transformation and Community Building

Large Group Facilitation

Creativity, innovation and transformation are phenomenas – we aim for – in each form of organization. In fact, they emerge out of diversity in groups. Just that, quite often, we fear the ‚difference’ rather than feeling attracted by it. It needs new formats of facilitation to transform tension into collective growth. 

Formate: Large group facilitation open forum style or conference design

Lead & Change Story

Executive Story Coaching

Inspirational leadership creates stability and people engagement. You may step on stage to on board your team for a new project or you set the scene taking over new responsibilities or you lead the organization through a difficult situation of change and transformation, take a breath ... invest in your story to get it straight, empathic and compelling. It is worth it!

Formate: Individual coaching sessions from 2h to a day depending on your needs

Story Garage

Co-creative Training & Practice

You want to practice your storytelling abilities or you want to make a group work on a special case. We offer in-house or external a new formate of co-creative training with narrative experts as hosts. 

Formate: 3h evening session - 1 day experience

Who we have worked with

Beyond Storytelling - Narrative Ansätze und die Arbeit mit Geschichten in Organisationen

The book on storytelling

Beyond Storytelling - Narrative Ansätze und die Arbeit mit Geschichten in Organisationen
Jacques Chlopczyk (Hrsg.); SpringerGabler

Contributions from Wolfgang Tonninger, Steph Kata Bachmair, Chené Swart, Michael Müller, Joanna Sell, Christine Erlach and Yannis Angelis.


The Power of Story

Beyond Storytelling is a competence centre on narrative work and storytelling in organizations – connecting narrative practitioners across professions.

Format: 2-days StoryCamp
Date: 27-29th of June, Lingenau, Austria

Format: 2-days Conference
Date: 8-10th of May, Berlin, Germany


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