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What is the story you want to tell?

One tough moment for me last year (as probably for many of us) was the morning after the American elections. I normally not easily loose ’emotional self control’, but this morning I started crying and shouting around. As some of you may know I love stories and I also love to intensively work with people and organizations on their ‘true’ stories. I just could not believe that such a fear making, flat, populistic Trump Story could have sincerely succeeded … after the first shock I concluded that more than ever I want to support delicate, authentic and especially inspiring stories to get LOUD.

So that …

  • the stage (per-se) is not left to the ‘loud speakers’ only
  • the audience has a broad diverse choice
  • a story is an interaction between speaker and audience

Yes, I do want charisma on stage … but not understood in a manipulative way, but in the original Aristoteles’ definition. This means a speaker is conscious about his/her own values and convictions (ethos), has an empathy for the audience (pathos) and knows to express the ideas well (rhetos).

‚It is those who start with why – who are able to inspire others’ (Simon Sinek)

Speaking about the ETHOS, I like to refer to Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. It revolutionizes traditional communication patterns as it puts the “WHY” at the beginning of communication. It puts emphasis on what our call / purpose is and focuses first and foremost on the voice that we would like to represent in our organizations and in our societies. This ‘inside-out’ communication connects introspection and (co-)creative expression and makes stories delicate, authentic and inspiring. No matter if this is a personal lead story, a brand narrative or an organizational change story.

A part of my personal 2017 Story will be the hosting of BeyondStorytelling –  The Conference on storytelling and narrative work in organizations. If you are curious or passionate about storytelling or narrative work in organizations, join us the 19th/20th of May in Heidelberg.

Get inspired : the program

Super Early Bird ticket Now – available until January 15th!

Curious to listen to some of your stories this year, B-onfire dear friends, colleagues, business partners … let’s bring delicate, authentic and inspiring stories on stage!

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