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Where is the Storyteller in you?

The StoryGarage – a new story trainings formate

Dear Homo narrans, good news … we all are part of a storytelling species and share this ability by nature. 

Just that we could care more about this talent. It is not easy in our fastmoving noisy environment. So, how much time do we dedicate to the stories that really matter to us ? And how much awareness to the art to tell them? Stories can be junk or soul food!

We invite you to step out of your daily noise into one of our StoryGarage co-creative training days. You may work on a lead, change, brand, innovation story … come with an intention, leave with a story! A story that matter to you and your audience!!!

For more information and registration, check www.story-garage.com

Mountains & Muse. Ready to connect?

Beyond Storytelling is happening for the third time. After Heidelberg 2017, Hamburg 2018, we travel further this year into the Austrian mountains to a small village Lingenau (Vorarlberg).

From the very beginning, we liked the metaphor of a Circus. Beyond Storytelling as a conferenc, has allowed us to become traveling artists (for a short while in normally well-structured life). Wherever we build up our stage, the place differs. It has its own spirit, a different rhythm, a specific atmosphere.

This year, I see us landing in Lingenau – as a ‘colorful’ group of travelers. Sure we are foreigners, but we do not want to be tourists or be treated like them. We want to connect to the place, but how does this work?

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The world in the digital Backyard

Discovering our Evolution!

10 days, over 100 international participant, facilitating inner and outer diversity in Cairo, bringing voices, ideas and dreaming together … such a rich and unforgettable journey with DDI, the Deep Democracy Institute.

Taste Cairo, meet a piece of the world in the digital backyard:
The World in our Backyard

Time for Timelessness

Re-authoring Brands from Within
The watch’s suicide

As a young adult, having grown up in Germany, I felt slightly rebellious against the habit to wear a watch on the left arm. This ‘mainstream rule’ reminded me of the negative aspects of time, its rigidity, constraining my free spirit in its creative flow. For many years, I lived well without any watch on my arm.

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The Story Food Tells

A sunny and for Hamburg extremely warm May evening, in the charming Foodeventclub setting, we explore the companionship of food and story with around 30 guests, all of us, entrepreneurs, consultants, managers and artists in different areas of life.

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Be-longing … over the years

Magic this period, coming from one year, going into another one. Be-longing is a picture I painted walking from 2016 into 2017. Surprise, surprise, the topic persists in 2018 and wants to be further explored. This year I listened to Brené Brown’s last book Braving the wilderness, The quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone.

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2018: Re-Authoring Futures

BeyondStorytelling, 8./9. Juni in Hamburg

In der narrativen Arbeit liegt viel Gestaltungskraft. Erich Kästner sagte, es ist nie zu spät für eine glückliche Kindheit. Genauso wie wir unsere Vergangenheit unterschiedlich erzählen und damit auch wahrnehmen können, liegt es an uns ein inspirierendes Zukunftsbild zu schaffen – ein visionärer Zustand, zu dem wir uns als Person oder aber auch Organisation hin-entwickeln können.

In Vorbereitung auf unsere erste BeyondStorytelling Konferenz letztes Jahr im Mai in Heidelberg, haben wir uns natürlich auch die Frage nach dem bestmöglichen Ergebnis gestellt.

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New ways of conflict resolution

How to use dialogue, tension and conflict as a key for creative, collective growth
Creativity, innovation and transformation are phenomenas – we aim for – in each form of organization. In fact, they emerge out of diversity in groups. Just that, quite often, we fear the ‚difference’ rather than feeling attracted by it. Why?

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What is the story you want to tell?

One tough moment for me last year (as probably for many of us) was the morning after the American elections. I normally not easily loose ’emotional self control’, but this morning I started crying and shouting around. As some of you may know I love stories and I also love to intensively work with people and organizations on their ‘true’ stories. I just could not believe that such a fear making, flat, populistic Trump Story could have sincerely succeeded … after the first shock I concluded that more than ever I want to support delicate, authentic and especially inspiring stories to get LOUD.

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beyondstorytelling.com … the call

Today, with technologies, markets and values in a rapid and dynamic shift, the organizational field needs the capability to continuously initiate and inspire transformation processes.

Organizations need to adapt. Employees want a purposeful work environment. Brands look for new ways to engage their customers. Leaders want to inspire and invite their employees to address the challenges ahead. We need new ways to co-create our futures and breathe new life into our organizations, brands and teams.

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Let your story work!

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