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karl may museum

On my way back from the Czech Iapop conference ‘Authentic organizations and new rules of Power’ with Julie Diamond, I booked a flight back from Dresden instead of Prague (2,5hours drive away) and it turned out to be a big gift. But one thing is creative planning, another one is to loose track … here the story …

When I arrive at the airport, after a beautiful Prague to Dresden journey, I find out that my flight  at 20.45h is canceled … aren’t these moments …. breathtaking … my first reaction is an angry non-understanding: sunday evening, how is this possible, in our days, with a company like Lufthansa, ok – Germanwings, but still, it ruins my next 24h.

Then a pragmatic more analytical voice calms me down: what is really important tomorrow … kids are still well cared, access to email possible, things can be organized differently  … annoying but not really existential. Relax.’

After two more hours of ‘meditation’ in a slow-motion queue to get the ticket rebooked …  I feel in a slightly grumpy mood surrounded by even more grumpy people … I finally get a voucher for the Radisson Blue Hotel in Dresden Radebeul. This shortly connects me to my adventure spirit: who knows, what this is for?

The adventure spirit stays only shortly … then I quickly come to the realistic conclusion that a stereotype hotel in Dresden’s suburbs at 22.30h will probably not host any more treasures. My imagination power is capitulating about such ‘non romantic facts’. I fall asleep without any further creative trace.

In the very early morning on my way back to the airport, I flirt, in a sleepy remote mode with a festival poster at the side of the street and ask the taxi driver about it. He starts to tell me that Karl May lived and was buried here in Radebeul. What? Suddenly, I am awake, I get excited, the territory now gets my full interest.

Did you know that the – in our days well known – Winnetou creator  … spent several periods in prison because of theft and fraud?! And that he behaved so well in prison that he became responsible of the jail library. Based on books and his imagination (but no real experience), he created access to at times unknown worlds like America and The Orient. He formed the famous archetypes Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and builded a strong metaphor of transformation from hate to love of opponent cultures. Thank you, Radebeul, yes, I found my treasure on this extra trip. It gives me wonderful material to reflect on my inner winnetou-old shatter hand tension and connects me back to the vision of their brotherhood.

What is ‘loosing track’ good for? In my case, the following happens: after a first ‘shock’, I start to sense, I catch stories, I do not focus anymore on the arrival, I collect narrative material, condense it, find treasures, answers, solutions … de-tours teach and remind me to connect to my intuition. They enrich my arrival!

I would love to live
Like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding.

“Fluent” by John O’Donohue (Conamara Blues)

Julie Diamond speaks about power intelligence which means not only to learn how to deal well with power, but also to be aware of your very own superpowers. Watch a short video of Julie summarizing her new rules of power: https://youtu.be/Q-BnrR1agBo.

Next time loosing track I will remember right away (or perhaps not)…  that this is another great opportunity to further explore my very own magic!

Image: Karl-May Museum, Radebeul


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