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Beyond Storytelling is happening for the third time. After Heidelberg 2017, Hamburg 2018, we travel further this year into the Austrian mountains to a small village Lingenau (Vorarlberg).

From the very beginning, we liked the metaphor of a Circus. Beyond Storytelling as a conferenc, has allowed us to become traveling artists (for a short while in normally well-structured life). Wherever we build up our stage, the place differs. It has its own spirit, a different rhythm, a specific atmosphere.

This year, I see us landing in Lingenau – as a ‘colorful’ group of travelers. Sure we are foreigners, but we do not want to be tourists or be treated like them. We want to connect to the place, but how does this work?

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The world in the digital Backyard

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10 days, over 100 international participant, facilitating inner and outer diversity in Cairo, bringing voices, ideas and dreaming together … such a rich and unforgettable journey with DDI, the Deep Democracy Institute.

Taste Cairo, meet a piece of the world in the digital backyard:
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