StoryWork goes beyond Telling

How to lead, host and inspire a group through the power of narratives

StoryWork goes beyond pure storytelling. It involves listening deeply to stories that surface in the narratives of others, and the process of creating stories collaboratively. Thus, StoryWork becomes a powerful vehicle driving new forms of awareness and authenticity in leadership and collaboration.

What does listening mean for leadership and facilitation? There are different dimensions of listening. Most of the time, we focus on cognitive listening, i.e. listening with the power of our intellect. There is nothing wrong about that but we might miss out essential elements that are hidden behind the cognitive aspects of a story. There are other dimensions like empathetic and generative listening. Becoming more aware of these elements allows you to sense the mood of a group, catching tensions in an early stage and prepare the terrain for co-creative work.

In any team, individuals experience the struggle between the desire to be seen and not to be seen. The role of leaders and facilitators is essential in setting the frame. It is the authenticity of their individual story, which inspires and connects people, provides a safety net, and shows them their own identity as a human being. Those stories that facilitators and leaders tell decide about the quality and the depth of the operating space of the group. That is why all starts with telling your True Story.

The third pillar of StoryWork is creating. This is about creatively connecting with a group for crafting a collective story. Here we find out about own resistances, practice what has to be let go, what has to be retained, and what has to be transformed. The power of stories in facilitating change.
StoryWork 5StoryWork 5Storywork – the work with narratives – is an attitude, a methodology and a toolkit. It allows leaders and facilitators to create bonfire moments of authentic encountering and team engagement. StoryWork is about passionate telling, listening and co-creating.

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